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Wear your star sign or the sign of someone you love while you navigate through life, with this fun custom constellation compass necklace - featuring your choice of constellation on the back side of a small working compass! The compass navigation glows in the dark. This listing is for one (1) compass


  1. Posted by emilyreids74, — Reply

    just a friendly reminder that Jesus loves you unconditionally, there is nothing you can do that will make him stop loving you. you don't have to believe in Him but know that He loves you and so do i!!🤎

  2. Posted by Emeli560, — Reply

    isnt dec.21 still considered sagittarius not capricorn im confused?

  3. Posted by anitahuang127, — Reply

    WheRe mA TaurUs pEepS AtttttTtT👉🏼🧡

  4. Posted by spicyvenom747, — Reply

    mmmmmm... SCORPIO

  5. Posted by apolloleloup, — Reply

    Scorpio looks like a sperm XD

  6. Posted by sahakyannane2008, — Reply

    Where's my Capricorn gang at?

  7. Posted by isabelleanscmbe, — Reply

    I’m confused my birthday is 22/08 and it says Virgo I’m a Leo

  8. Posted by nabeehakhanam755, — Reply

    Mine looks pretty,btw mine is a virgo

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